Brands Men

Charkhee is a traditional Indian spinning wheel used for spinning fibers into yarn.


Chhavvi Aggarwal is a talented Indian artist known for her intricate and captivating artwork.

Chhavvi Aggarwal

Jatin Malik presents an elite range of traditional silhouettes featuring bespoke tailoring and unique detailing.

Jatin Malik

Masaba Gupta is a prominent Indian fashion designer celebrated for her innovative and eclectic designs.


PS Men by Payal Singhal offers a sophisticated and modern range of menswear, blending traditional aesthetics with contemporary design elements.

PS Men by Payal Singhal

At RUNIT GUPTA, wedesign unconventional menswear with vivid color palettes and comfortabletrends that suit multiple occasions.

Runit Gupta 

Varun Bahl is a prominent Indian fashion designer known for his exquisite couture and ready-to-wear creations, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics.